The best spirits require the best ingredients. It's why we grow most of our grain ourselves, starting from heirloom seeds hand-picked for flavor. We source the rest of our ingredients from our neighbors, distilling in limited batches right on the farm.

We make spirits with integrity. The best ingredients are the ones that don't hurt your neighbors. That’s why we stay away from pesticides and genetically modified crops, and why we're working so hard at getting our organic certification.

We want to promote agricultural diversity by preserving regional crops, while supporting local organic farmers through the sourcing of our ingredients. 

And frankly, we grow our ingredients because they taste better. Creating spirits from the ground up gives us control over almost every aspect of the process. It’s about the experience of making something real—of truly knowing our ingredients to better understand our craft. Working on a such a small scale allows us to really experiment with different techniques and the nuances of flavor. We are inspired by the past, but we're constantly looking towards the future.